The work began in 2008 through a casual creation for an intervention during an artistic party in Laburatorio Cultural Centre, in the outside of Buenos Aires.

Its initial creators, Luciano Rosso and Nicolás Poggi decided to perform a piece containing different proposals of movement, mixing contemporary partner dance and duo sequences. But also, they choose to use a popular Latin song, giving them a chance to interpret the work as dancers but also as actors on stage.

After showing the work for the first time, it began to arise many new spaces where to perform. One of those chances was Urban Spaces Festival Ciudanza (C.Q.D).

In that opportunity, they asked for help to transform the project to Hermes Gaido, a young Argentinean director, and personal friend.

Automatically, the piece became a physical theatre spectacle, and started to travel between different festivals in and out Buenos Aires, presenting the work in many theatres (C. C. Konex, Broadway, Martinelli, El Perro, Circo del Aire, LyF, Guapachoza, Lasserre) but also in the street (Festival de Teatro Rafaela, Sta. Fé 2009 and 2010, Festival El Cruce 2009, Festival Ciudanza 2009, Festival Código País 2010).

In July 2009, with the complete company (Gaido/Poggi/Rosso), they receive a subsidy from Prodanza to make the entire scenic piece, facilitating the built process.

In April 2010 they premiere the complete spectacle in the cultural venue “Pata de Ganso”, a 45 minutes duration piece with a strong and positive reaction from the audience.

In July 2010 they are selected by the Spain Alternative Theatre Network, to make a tour around four cities of Spain (Tenerife, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia), of the 1º Iberamerican Circuit of the Network during November 2010.

Between 2011 and 2012, they made 4 seasons in bs as, and travel around Argentina with a new member of the company (Alfonso Barón) in festivals and tours.
Also participate in short and long films from argentinian directors, and documentaries too.

In 2013 they marveled an entire audience in Mendoza with two presentations on Le Parc Cultural Place.

Nowadays, they keep on planning new tours and projects for the rest of the year.

UN POYO ROJO is the result of an interesting investigation from the body and the space, about popular and sport, dance, and sexuality crosses. A story between two human beings and its multiples relations sometimes absurd, sometimes concrete.

Worldwide audience / Body language

Duration : 45´